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The name ‘Eight Turn’ comes from the deep, Asian reverence and respect for the number eight. The number EIGHT (8) (八 ) (hachi) in Japanese signifies happiness and prosperity. It is also symbolic of the concept of infinity. Happiness and Prosperity Forever.

The word ‘Turn’ doesn’t just reflect the beautiful way that our crepes are designed. It also comes from a mindset of changing the paradigm and emerging into a new, healthy and happy reality.

Every one of our Eight Turn Crepes are made to turn your day around because they do taste really, really good.

Our crepes are made with 100% gluten free rice flour and are always filled with fresh and unique ingredients every time. Prepared sweet or savory, Eight Turn Crepe can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. We are redefining the crepe! Eight Turn Crepe originally opened its doors in New York City's Soho neighborhood in 2013. Our vision was to introduce the Japanese crepe while focusing on superior customer service, presentation and quality. Now, people are coming from miles around to experience one of the most unique and awesome food experiences out there.



Since we first began serving delicious Japanese crepes to our loyal customers, we have had many requests from people globally who want to be part of the Eight Turn Crepe family. We have finally decided it’s time to let the world experience our sweet and savory delights. If you’re an experienced or qualified, multi-unit food service operator or well capitalized investor with a love of authentic Japanese street food, contact us now to learn more.